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tv   Fox 31 Denver News 5P  FOX  September 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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>> the broncos spokesman put out saying it makes for a nice headline. in reality this was very much a minor disturbance. and it was all handled by security. it doesn't look like he ever came in contact with the players or management. the media doors you can get to them from the outside. left unlocked. and kind of walked in. our sports team were down there today. they said really just a little bit of tightened security. otherwise things were normal. and focused on football.
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criminal history. for petty crime. including minor trespassing. >> . we have just learned the identity of the woman killed. 34 year-old. it happened at a major new jersey transit station. one of the businessest transit hubs in the new york city kwrao*er. area. >> . with the latest on the developing story. >> . around 8:45 a.m. at the height of rush hour.
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didn't stop. crashing raoeulgt into one of the new york city areas busiest train stations. >> . lights went out. just didn't stop. and people were falling over. >> the train went smashing passed an end of line barrier. crashing through a wall. and pillars. collapsing he was still he hadn't realized he was injured. >> falling debris killing a woman standing on a platform in the station. the deadly crash injuring more than one hundred people. >> . extraordinary reaction. from local law enforcement. along with civilian passengers. who assisted in a evacuating the train. as quickly as possible. and helping with the the passengers who were injured. >> .
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train engineer has been corporating. but is injured in critical condition. >> . this drain came in at a high rate of speed. into the station. and crashed through all the barriers. bringing it right to theinterior wall. of the terminal. >> . federal transportation and tph*gt investigate investigators are now on scene. still no word about what exactly happened. >> denver police on the lookout for two bank robbers. sky fox over the compass bank in the 41 hundred block of east colfax. an hour ago. after the robbery happened. two men wearing black hoods and black gloves robbed a bank. we don't know if that i did get away with anything. >> . jefferson county a search under way for this man. authorities say robbed a local bank this afternoon. authorities say he entered the key bank. passed the teller a note saying he a gun.
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>> . arrested. as he drove by while officers were executing a search warrant. >> . new developments tonight in killing his wife. while high on marijuana edibles. a judge decided he is competent to strand trial. >> . kharpbled w-d shooting and
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two american women. one with tie to the denver area. have been found dead in a resort. off the coast of east africa. last week found dead in their room. at the luxury resort. the sisters were from minnesota. but ann she's the one with the darker hair. in the picture. worked here in denver. right now there doesn't seem to newspaper said hotel staff helped the women to their room at night. they had been drinking. family now tries to raise money to bring the bodies home. and trying to kweug figure out exactly how they died. >> . chicago to dallas. a growing divide between police and the public they swore to protect. >> . as protests mount.
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new push to unite the two sides. in hopes of strengthening the relationships. >> . that push brought together 50 community leaders. police. and prosecutors. here in denver. today. for a forum. with the deputy u.s. attorney general. on how to get at the heart of the problem. >> . dave young was there. and joins us with the story. >> the u.s. justice department is asking the leaders to help form a national policy. to deal with the growing mistrust. between police and minorities. shared combine experiences on divide. that has become a national crisis. >> . police and community leaders here brainstormed. >> over race and loss of trust. with deputy u.s. attorney general. while outside. brandon prior takes picture of his neighborhood.
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are far more likely to be stopped and searched. than people who are not of color. >> this only the second nationwide. exploring issues. many here say go back a hundred years. >> becoming a national crisis. >> begins here. on the streets. >> some more diversity training. more community out reach. community interaction. stop and talk to people.
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the law enforcement side. to be able to address the trust. >> after the opening remarks and introduction. we were asked to leave the meeting. to allow police and community leaders to have an open and tra*pbg exchange. without the presence of the cameras. and microphones. >> . today the ongoing issues at the denver landmark. werewere the focus of a discuss. >> . how concerns about safety and security.
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denver police gave high marks to the new private security firm. now working the mall. in the increase in patrol. numbers are working. >> . many of those new programs. and initiatives have gone into effect over the last 4 or five months. with that you're seeing improvements. in the over all environment. >> . part of the discussion. a plan to have mental health professionals walk with officers on the mall. increasing help to those in need. with the goal to decrease scenes
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>> >> popular beauty school. with a location in colorado. has closed down all across the nation. regency shut its doors if good yesterday. >> . it ran out of money to continue the business. due to de-khraeupbing numbers of students. nationwide. >> . >> defending super-bowl champions. and off to a hot start this year. they sport the perfect record. >> . they're getting plenty of attention. early season awards to go along with it. >> . the latest awards. >> . awards are piling up. at a fast rate. von miller has a defense i have player of the week. trevor siemian offensive player of the week honor. announced von miller is the defensive player of the month. in the afc. currently a league leading five
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>> . added to it what makes him so great. all the attention he draws. the double and triple teams. which then freeze up a lot his teammates to make plays. we saw it last week. ray had 3 sacks. in that game. >> as long as they're giving out awards. nick should get one for that jacket. >> .
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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>> love this. forget bat man. or superman. real superheros repel from the rooftop of which i which i chill colorado today. >> . included members of the aurora police department. swat team. kids got to watch from the
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performed this daring stunt. >> . that is fantastic. >> . home prices continue to go up in colorado. a new bill continue to lag behind growth more and more people are choosing to shack up with ram mates. and it's not just people in the 20s anymore. >> . how a colorado start up is connecting older people. wanting to share a home. >> . both single and with adult kids out of the house. >> this is the main living area for me. we share the kitchen. >> for them. choosing to house share. was a no brainer. >> finding a roommate over 50. isn't typical. they both turned to a new boulder base start up. called silver nest. a roommate matching service for boomers and empty nesters.
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she owns this 3 bedroom home. in little ton. but spends most of her time on the road. >> i'm gone. 180 days a year. so. it's nice to have somebody in the house. in case something happens. >> . she needed a rental. after moving back from out of state. >> >> already connected thousands of people looking to share a home. >> there's a tremendous need. for wringing people back together. >> . these two. quickly matched in august. >> for them it works both monetarily. and fits the lifestyle they want to lead. >> 4 million women. 50 plus. live in u.s. households with a
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number of men. and couples choosing to lease out a room in their house. that is a stat that continues to rise. >> you can see here right now at the zoo. in the great apes building. >> a wild deer attack. a police officer in new jersey. on his way to a call. when the car in front of him suddenly stopped. >> . a woman started fighting off a deer. trying to jump into her car. after she struck it with her truck. she had been feting out to check on it. and the deer as you can see. starts fighting back with the woman. she struggles. kicks the deer. we're sad to say the deer didn't make it. >> . one of two things.
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most likely. or pay back. >> . crazy stuff. >> . >> . 30 thousand cars had hail damage. ranked a*eupgt all time for colorado's most expensive hailstorm. eighth. that was just two years ago. >> . we have a change phao*uing in. cloud cover increasing. subtle differences. we cool off a bit.
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82 76 there in fort collins. 84 greeley. a pocket of 80s just in the small area along i 70. and into downtown. but nine o'clock will be will be down to 65. seeing the clouds streaming over head. a light breeze at that point. enjoyable evening for the out door plans. 54 tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. clouds streaming over head. there's a breeze as that breeze keeping us warmer in the morning. cooler tomorrow afternoon. 77 for the high. today was about ten degrees warmer. we'll see the clouds increase late tomorrow. a chance for showers. the rain activity is moving into the mountains. western slope. in the southwest. with future cast. first off for denver fort collins greeley. we'll see a cloud cover increase at times tonight. and tomorrow morning.
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30 to 40s tonight. in the high country. 50s along i 25. 40s for the eastern plains. 52 denver. 40s down near burlington. which will be 75 tomorrow. 80s kind of restricted. only in the southeast. along the arkansas. 60 to now throughout the high country. a cooler day in the mountains. cooler day here also. >> .
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wrao*er dry change moving in. beyond this. this is a subtle change. look what happens monday. breezy. then it becomes windy. as i step out. we reveal the colder rain showers. highs in the 60s. early morning in the 30s. and 40s. >> not a hailstone to be found. >> . in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong.
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an former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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former employee wins nearly 8 million dollars. after she filed a sexual harassment lawsuit. against the fast food chain.
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her supervisor would touch her inappropriately. and others were using cameras to look at women at the restaurant. after a two week trial. a jury found the teen was harmed and damaged by the manager inappropriate sexual behavior. >> . this child was taken advantage of by adults. they should have been protecting her. opposed to preying on her. >> . >> losing business in the wake of the fake account scan tkap tkal. disney announces the next animated physical film to be made in live action. >> . wells far go back on capitol hill. testifying and answer questions about the scandal at the bank. setting up the fake accounts. pressure is mounting. california wells far go home state suspended business relationships with the bank for
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that as well. >> u.s. companies firing fewer people. the number of people who filed for unemployment again benefits last week is less than expected. >> . >> also the u.s. economy grew more than expected in the past 3 months. households are doing the heavy lifting for the economy. making up for consumer spending is projected to drive growth. year. in the holiday season. >> . the animated classic the lion king. will be latest film to get a live action remake. >> >> live action. so not animated. >> . i'm sure that will be. it will look different. >> . -fpl this presidential election of course. unlike any other.
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